Think of the challenges in your business like driving down a road with a deep ditch running parallel. You can seek advice on how to avoid the ditch or you can seek advice on how to get out of the ditch.  Either way, companies hire us for both.

Who We Serve

Brand Owners

If you own a brand, we want to talk to you! We not only consult with numerous brands, but we are also investors in a handful of them.


We consult with manufacturers regarding their online strategies, specifically about risks and opportunities.

Individual Sellers

We have coached over 200+ independent online sellers through formal online courses. We have consulted with countless more over the last 2.5 decades.


Although you may not sell products direct to consumer, you are still supplying the same products to online retailers who do. Distributors consult with us to map out their online distribution strategy in order to edge out competing distributors.

Consulting Topics

Conveniently Schedule Your Consulting Session Today!

Consulting sessions are conducted in 30 or 60-minute sessions.  We suggest you plan out what topics and/or questions you would like to discuss and schedule accordingly.  If you do not know how long of a session you need, please contact us for for an estimate before scheduling.

You have the choice of choosing to meet by phone or Zoom.  We always highly recommend Zoom since we both could share our screens and also record the entire session which we would provide you shortly after our time together.  It is not required that you have your camera on during the session. 

Marketplaces We Specialize In

“One of the biggest defects in life (and business) is the inability to ask for help.”

– Robert Kiyosaki